Sunday, 30 October 2016

The seventh week at QA began with me completing a couple of tasks using a software known as Docker. These tasks included installing Docker, creating a Jenkins container from the local directory, and then creating a Dockerfile.

Installing Docker and Jenkins were very simple tasks. Obtaining Jenkins in the local directory was done with the pull command. The task was then completed simply by running the Jenkins container and checking that the software had properly installed.

After these introductory tasks, I was then assigned a project that involved creating various Dockerfiles and launching them simultaneously with the use of a docker-compose file. At first I found that the Dockerfiles were harder to write than the Puppet modules I had written before, but as I got used to the syntax and the different commands, I quickly grasped what to do and completed the project at the end of the eighth week.

The tasks for the project included making Dockerfiles that installed different software. The software that needed to be installed included Jenkins, Jira, Nexus, Urbancode Deploy, and Zabbix. Zabbix needed both a server and an agent to be installed. Most of the software was simple to install and a couple even just needed an archive to be downloaded and an installer file run.

I ran into many problems while completing the project, but most of these were simple mistakes that were fixed in a matter of minutes once I noticed the problem. The main software that was difficult to install was Urbancode Deploy. This could have been simply due to the fact that I had never used it before, and everyone had problems installing this specific software.

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